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what has this picture been through


I can relate to this


the real struggle in 2004


i may not be your cup of tea but i’m your 10th shot of tequila

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“Don’t hang out with people who don’t love you. Don’t try to impress people who aren’t worth it. Don’t try to win people over who aren’t worth it. Focus on yourself, and focus on the people who are really awesome and who love you. Don’t hang out with people who make you feel like shit. Don’t spend your energy on them. There is so much pressure to be part of the right thing: well, you should create the right thing. If you don’t see it, create it. If you don’t see what you want, be the change you want to see.”

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If you remember


I will personally hand a you a certificate of good childhood taste.

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i wish i had friends i could just call up at like 2am and be like “lets chill or go for a walk” and they would do it

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having a crush is like having that little piece of rock stuck in your shoe and you stop walking and shake it out and you’re pretty sure it’s gone but then a half hour later you feel it under your toe and you’re like oh no

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19.SoCal. ✌️

Descendent of humble hearts 💋

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